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Strengthening Prevention against Human Trafficking through the Life Skills Plus Program

“Thank you very much Fundlife International, Girls Got This, and Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation for this marvelous experience. ‘Till our next get together”- Marigondon National High School – Senior High School faculty expressed their gratitude during a successfully organized event.

The Capacity Building on Partner School and Community on Strengthening Preventions against Human Trafficking through Life Skills Plus: Three Pathway Program was conducted on July 28, 2023 at Mariegold Villa Resort.

The faculty and staff members intended their valuable time to gain more knowledge and increase their awareness on combating human trafficking especially in vulnerable adolescent girls and young women.

In line with the celebration and support of the World Day against Human Trafficking, partners' conversations came to conclusions on serious realization and deepened understanding of the world of the victims of trafficking. The main takeaway was the amount of effort needed from the community, family, educators, and more to save a child from potential human trafficking.

The training also introduced different Girls Got This’ Programs as part of preventive initiatives against trafficking. These initiatives include programs under Life Skills for Employability, Social Entrepreneurship, and Digital Skills. All of these are aimed to educate both the young girls and the adults around them on the potential of these children– steering them away from possible human trafficking.

In conclusion, the participants received a strong understanding of the Girls Got This programming and its genuine advocacy to child protection. Standing strong to the UN Global Goal 2023: Leave No One Behind.

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