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Over 100,000 girls aged 12-17 are victims of child sex-trafficking and/or sexual exploitation in the Philippines every single year. It is estimated that there are over 1 million girls globally are victims of child-sex trafficking with  73% of all sex-trafficking victims coming from the Asia-Pacific region. 


Girls Got This is an action-led movement that provides a safe space in where they gain confidence: where it is okay to fail and to try again, and where children gain confidence in their own potential.

Building on this safe foundation, girls develop life skills through participation in Girls Got This activities: self-confidence, teamwork, patience and leadership. They are taught by coaches and encouraged by role models to think about their aspirations and the paths to achieve them, and understand that the first step in doing so is engaging fully at school. Girls are given space to grow and agency in their futures.

Girls Got This seeks to deliver a youth-led and sustainable approach to prevent all forms of abuses on children. We work in collaboration with local government and communities to invest in girls' education and keep them safe. Our methodology in building play-based interventions to protect girls has been recognized for its effective approach, winning awards for both social impact and educational innovation through sports.

Girls Got This is powered by FundLife - a youth-led, grassroots not-for-profit organisation based in Tacloban, Philippines. 


We believe that no girl should grow up without equitable access to equitable participation, quality education and dignified opportunity.   

Our Mission

To use the power of play to protect, educate and empower vulnerable adolescent girls and to eradicate all forms of child abuses and sex-trafficking across Asia by 2030


Our Vision

A world where every child is ensured a safe childhood and equal access to equitable participation, quality education and dignified opportunity.

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Girls Got This

GirlsGotThis is an action-led movement that combines the power of play and innovative education to help the world's most vulnerable girls stay in school, receive a quality education and create dignified employment opportunities for themselves and their communities.

Email: girlsgotthis@fundlife.org

Phone: +63 53 523 1160

Registered Charity: 201502511

Address:  A-303 Mendoza Complex, 141 Sto Nino Street, Tacloban City

6500 Leyte, Philippines

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