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Never Too Remote for A Cause: Girls Got This Resiliency in Action with LindePH

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

With a thousand barangays and 44 municipalities in Cebu Province, Balamban, Ginatilan -- the most remote barangay of Balamban -- was one of the recipients of Girls Got This: Resiliency In Action (GGT:RIA) Program. Ginatilan National High School is located in a mountainous area of Central Cebu, 3 hours away from the city.

Last March 26, 2022, together with FundLife’s partner company, Linde Philippines, Girls Got This conducted the Safe-at-Home Pack Distribution and Community Mentorship Session where 69 girls of Ginatilan National High School received educational and hygiene packs.

Linde Philippines President, Mr. Raymond Arthur Santayana gave the girls an inspiring message via recorded video. He reached out to empower girls and women and to break the biases towards women, along with underscoring the importance of education in society.

FundLife staff facilitated the learning sessions where they tackled Self-Awareness and identifying strengths and weaknesses. They shared different successful women in history and how these women created an impact on the world. The learning session also highlights the recipients’ uniqueness and motivation to follow their dreams.

When the girls were asked about their key takeaways from the learning session, most mentioned about the power a girl can possess to overcome challenges and become equal with men and other genders. Thus, breaking the bias and stereotypes in all aspects and fields – be it in science, research, or the digital space.

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