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Expressing Love on Mother’s Day

There are different forms of love. But one greatest love is the love of a mother to her child. Thus, on the third week of the community mentorship, the kids had the chance to express their love to that one woman who nurtures and takes care of them infinitely.

A series of short clips were shown after a brief presentation of the different forms of love. “A mother showing her love to a child. What is this form of love?” Coach Patty asked after showing the kids a short clip. The children were quick to answer in unison “familial love”. In fact, Coach Patty was impressed how witty the children were in answering one question after another.

The mentorship continued when Coach Patty instructed the children to write two letters: one for themselves and the other one would be dedicated to their mother. Again, the children were very happy and excited to exhibit their creativity and writing skills. But above all, to show how they love their mother and to some their grandmother.

After, the children were made to present and read their letters to everybody. The session created an atmosphere of camaraderie, respect, and love. To add, there were younger kids (3 to 5 years old) who joined the session and made their own artwork for their moms.

The children who attended the Community Mentorship expressed how thankful they are. Although schools are not yet opening because of the pandemic, they considered the Girl’s Got This (GGT) Mentorship project an aid to their education. Indeed, they are looking forward to having more sessions with the coaches as they learn and apply the different life skills and leadership skills.

Note: Maribago, Lapu-lapu City is the pilot barangay to be conducted with community mentorship. The participants are growing in numbers as parents are supportive of Fundlife International’s goal to aid the children in terms of their education during this pandemic.

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