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Leadership & Youth-Empowerment Training Culminates; Girls Got This Circle Formed

One of the objectives of the Life Skills Plus Program with Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation is for the girls to join community mentorship and transform into youth mentors to share their knowledge and skills with other girls. They will also provide support for non-academic issues in already-established safe learning spaces for children and youth in partner communities and schools.

With the objective in mind, the girls underwent a meaning and powerful Leadership and Youth-Empowerment Training of the Seven Habits and Highly Effective Teens conducted by experienced mentors. Thirty-three (33) adolescent girls and eight (8) young women joined the culminating activity under the Life Skills Plus Program. These adolescent girls were accompanied by adult companions from their respective communities.

The culminating activity also paved the way for the creation of the Girls Got This Circle, the GGT Club of Girl Champions which will carry on the objectives of the program. Marian Rose Dacles, a CYAN Representative of the Consuelo Foundation, was elected as the president of the GGT Circle. Rose Ann Indoyon, another CYAN Representative was also elected as the Vice-President. They will lead the GGT Circle of the upcoming activities of the club in the coming months.

Meanwhile, most girls expressed how much they liked the LS+ Program (Leadership and Youth Empowerment) Culminating Activity.

"I liked about today’s experience is how I’ve met different girls from different partner barangays and schools. They are my fellow GGT Champions. I also love the fun activities that showcased our skills. I felt emotional when we made our Girls Got This Pledge and my responsibilities being part of the circle. I promise to become a responsible and great role model to the youth. Thank you so much for this one-of-a-kind experience!” – Chelsea Cartagenas, Barangay Tipolo
“I really like the activities that are happening. It is because it trained our mental health to actively engage with others. It promotes positive mindset.” – Jason Lee Mosqueda, LGBTQIA Member, Pahina Central

“Everything about the culmination. First, the venue. It is because it is away from the noise of the city. Then meeting of new youth leaders from different communities and schools. Also, the activities that we participated, and lastly, the swimming pool experience. It was fun even for a short period of time.” Kaye Baquerfo, Marigondon National High School

The culminating activity served as the beginning of different engagements these youth leaders will take part in 2023 and beyond.

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