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Jing De Jesus-Gio and Her Inspirational Stories

Instagram: @mediamommanila

FundLife International, through its flagship program "Girls Got This," had a chance to meet and get to know one of the country's leading Momfluencer, Jing De Jesus-Gio.

Aside from being a full-time mom and a digital influencer, Jing is also a lifestyle blogger and a brand ambassador that aims to inspire moms with their family life and parenting journey. With her experiences as a mom and a woman, she shares with the girls her stories and tips on achieving their goals in this month's Champion Session.

A total of 18 young girls from the Northern Tacloban sites where the organization had held their weekly community sessions joined the Champion session. They were ecstatic for another mentorship session, and they were looking forward to learning new life lessons from the session.

As a career and family-oriented woman, Jing owns the blog mediamommanila, where she shares her experiences in mommyhood through her various interests such as food, beauty, travel, and more with a mix of motherly knowledge and love. She also shared her background in her career of being a TV producer, where she had worked in the industry since she was in college and how she came about in her passion for blogging. She even gave some tips on being an effective and creative writer that will surely help girls' studies.

Instagram: @mediamommanila

Jing had fun sharing with the girls as she answered some of their questions on her inspirations and aspirations. "You should study well.

If there's an opportunity to go to school, then grab it because it will be significant for your future," she said as she emphasized the importance of education to the girls, saying that they should grab the chance of going to school and pursuing their dreams.

She shared how she also faced hurdles in her studies, especially in college, wherein she couldn't graduate in time. But that didn't stop her because even though she was still an undergraduate, Ma'am Jing was able to work in the TV industry and provide for herself and her family.

Although she is already a mother of two, at the back of her head Jing still wanted to finish school. She went back to college with a new drive to pursue her goal of having a diploma.

Instagram: @mediamommanila

“Education choses no age. Even if you're already old, the opportunity to go to school is always there. Life is not a race, and you can always go at your own pace." said Jing, a graduate of Mass Communications.

When she was asked by one of the girls where her greatest inspiration came from, she answered that her experience in college also inspired her to do better and be the best version of herself.

"Although there are challenges along the way, you will eventually get through them, and you'll achieve a much higher reward than your initial goal in life."

"We may face a lot of disappointment and challenges in our lives, but these challenges will serve as a stepping stone and give you strength towards the path on who you want to be. Don't lose hope! Always look at the good side of things and don't dwell on the negativity of the challenges that will come because it will always pass," said Ma'am Jing as she encouraged the girls in their studies and to work harder to become the person they want to be when they grow up.

"Always believe in yourself, because if you don't, then where will you get the strength to go on and achieve your goals? Always believe that you can be who you want to be."

At the end of the session, the participants told Jing how grateful they were for the life lessons she imparted to them. The girls were all smiles as they waved goodbye and felt accomplished for attending the champion session, creating new memories, and learning with their friends. They are also looking forward to the other champions they will get to meet in the future.

"I am very thankful, and I really appreciate this session with Ma'am Jhing. She shared about her life and how her failures helped her success now. She will serve as one of my role models towards my dreams because she never lost hope in achieving her dream, and I think it was really inspiring." Karen, aged 17 and one of the participants, said after the session.

Instagram: @mediamommanila

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