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GirlsGotThis distributes Women Power Packs in Tacloban

This week, GirlsGotThis successfully distributed 116 power packs for women in barangay Kawayan in Tacloban. A mixture of hygiene packs with powdered milk and Women Win activity packs were distributed to mothers and expectant mothers.

The women were extremely grateful for the power packs, here's what they had to say:

"Aside from the hygiene kit and the powdered milk the activity pack is going to be helpful for my daughter because right now I can't really spend much time with her because I have to take care of her younger siblings and also help his father earn. The way I see it the activity pack has fun activities that she can work on like puzzles and self reflection." - Chona, 40, pregnant mother.

"I'm very thankful to GirlsGotThis for the hygiene kits they gave us. It doesn't matter how small or how big the help is, so long as it comes from the heart. For the Women Win activity book, it will serve as my reflection journal. Through it, I know that I will be able to know myself better, I will know my purpose in life. That even if I got pregnant at a young age and while still studying, I will be reminded that my life does not end here and that I still have a future. These power packs help empower women, and I'm very grateful for this." - Zairene, 17, pregnant "For a single mother who is already of old age and is still working for my family (I have a son who is lame), I find it hard sometimes to report for work. But I can't stop working because we won't be able to eat if I don't work. So this women power pack is a big help already for us." - Nida, 62, single parent

"This power pack is a big help for me because with the situation I am in right now. My husband earns so little that we have to prioritize the needs of our baby that sometimes I choose not to buy essential things like shampoo." - Dafnie, 20, lactating mother

A very special thank you to the Ladies of Soroptimist International of Alabang for donating the power packs for these women, they will be life changing.

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