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Girls Community League - Tacloban commences new season with more teams

#GirlsGotThis - FundLife successfully kicked off Girls Community League (GCL) season 2 on August 7, 2019, at the City Engineers covered court. A total of 122 girls from 13 different teams, who came from vulnerable communities of Tacloban, Tanauan, Palo, Samar, and Baybay registered to take part in the GCL activities.

GCL will run for 6 months starting this August 2019 until mid - January 2020. 5 to 6 teams will be playing every scheduled matchday (every other Saturday), twice a month. This season’s GCL will not merely focus on honing the futsal skills of the girls but also the development of each of their characters which is essential not just in sports but in their everyday lives. With more teams and more girls playing, GCL is slowly getting local attention which is vital to establish a strong local support to advocate girls and women empowerment. During the opening activity, the teams of San Isidro, Sagkahan Bella Juniors, San Jose A and B wowed the crowd with their improved gameplay and teamwork in their round of games which officially marked the start of the league.

“Even though we played against girls that are not just bigger than us but also good in Futsal I wasn’t afraid because I already had experienced before in FFLA when we played against bigger and skillful players. I'm very happy today that I can play futsal again and we even secured a goal,” said Keisha Valdez one of the defensive players of San Isidro team. The league is expected to be a success with the support of the schools and communities of the participating teams, the Tacloban City LGU and also the Tacloban Rescue Unit who assured the provision of medical assistance every matchday.

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