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GGT Community Mentorship Program: In Retrospect

Since the inception of the GGT Community Mentorship Program, we have been able to directly reach more than 150 and indirectly reach 750 highly vulnerable girls across Cebu, Mandaue, and Lapu-Lapu City.

The girls were immersed in a 2-hour Mentorship Sessions every week in a span of 3 months through a virtual or face-to-face setup. The sessions were focused on Girl Empowerment and Development which aims to capacitate and equip the girls with skills necessary for a more dignified living.

The interests of young girls were ignited through the 18 mentorship programs, to wit;

  1. Who Am I?

  2. My Goals

  3. Negotiating

  4. Peer Pressure

  5. Keeping Healthy During COVID-19

  6. Know the Facts about COVID-19

  7. My Changing Body

  8. Staying Healthy and Clean during Menstruation

  9. What is Consent?

  10. Preventing Pregnancy

  11. My Rights

  12. Healthy Relationships

  13. Map My Community

  14. Leadership

  15. Positive and Negative Reactions to Stress

  16. Managing Stress and Anxiety

  17. Yoga, Getting Strong, Belly Breathing, Body Scanning

  18. Being Creative

The GGT Mentorship Program was concluded and celebrated through a series of sessions that aimed to encapsulate the overall sessions which were categorized as Be Brave, Be Active, Be Creative.

Be Brave.

The girls were introduced to the different leaders of the world, such as Malala Yousafzai. Through the session conducted by Coach Donna, the girls learned about leadership and the characteristics of a good leader.

The girls were instructed to think of a person whom they considered as a leader and analyzed why they chose that particular person. The girls had different answers such as their teacher, best friend, and mother but all led to someone who is strong, influential, and empowered.

Further, they were asked to visualize themselves as a leader with qualities that were deemed fit to be called a great leader.

Be Active.

Another exciting part of the session is the girls’ physical wellness activities. The girls were taught basic yoga poses with the help of the GGT volunteer Yoga Instructor, Jonelyn Biano. She shared the importance of physical exercise to teens and the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Although challenged, the girls were very excited about performing the different yoga poses. “This is my first time doing yoga. It's very fun. I will try these poses at home as part of my daily routine, ” said one of the participants.

Be Creative.

The last part of the community mentorship was capped off with a Mental Health Session. The World Health Organization (WHO) stresses that mental health is “more than just the absence of mental disorders or disabilities.”

Peak mental health is about not only avoiding active conditions but also looking after ongoing wellness and happiness.

The session also emphasized that preserving and restoring mental health is crucial on an individual basis, as well as throughout different communities and societies the world over.

Sessions on self-awareness and stress management were discussed. The girls were made aware of the effective ways to deal with stress with proper stress management techniques.

Further, they were asked to fill in their Self-care Wheel under the four aspects - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Through this activity, the girls were able to realize the different ways to properly cope up with stress.

As one girl said, “I write down what I accomplish every day and the things I need to do. Then, I begin to sort them according to importance. If I could not do them all alone, I would ask for help from my friends and family. It is very important to have a support system especially in these trying times.”

It is envisaged that the sessions will help the girls realize their full potential, thus amplifying their voices and creating a change in the world.

FL and GGT strive to create communities where all children are provided with employment opportunities and access to equitable education.

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