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Celebrating International Women's Day

Updated: Apr 29, 2020


On International Women’s day, Fundlife International launched a new project 'Girls Got This'. Along with its campaign #StandWithGirls, the project will unleash the potential of girls and end child trafficking in the Philippines. Using the power of play and innovative education, GirlsGotThis helps the world’s most vulnerable children to stay in school, receive quality education and create dignified employment opportunities for themselves and their communities. To raise awareness within communities, Fundlife International went on 9 March to our partner-school Tanauan School of Craftsmanship and Home Industries (TSCHI)’s, where we have been working with children since 2017, to explain to all teachers and students why this cause is so important and how they can help to raise awareness.

Mr Rufino Almaden, sports coordinator and full supporter of the cause, was there to help address issues surrounding gender inequality.

Mr Rufino is very involved in the project himself and has been supporting Fundlife for four years now. He is seeing real improvement in the students since they joined Fundlife, not only athletically, but also academically. He says: ‘Girls are getting more independent, standing up for themselves, working in teams and dealing with conflict in a good way. I see that the children build on their self-esteem - they are not only communicating better but also gaining lots of confidence’.

He also explained why he thinks that football works so well in comparison with other sports. He said: ‘There are many opportunities for children within a football team - they can play defence, midfield and attack - it gives the children an opportunity to learn all aspects of life how to fight for something you want (attack), how to lead your team from the middle field to the front (leadership, creativity and persistence) and defending your team against the opponent (anticipation, developing patience and being their for teammates)’.

We ended the day with a group photo to #StandWithGirls, joined by head master Mr. Richard Laurente, Mr Rufino and Coach Marvin Alaon.

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