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Safe-at-Home Pack Distribution in the Month of June

June has been a productive month for Fundlife International Inc. and its project, ‘Girls Got This’ for a fact that we have reached a total of 294 girls living in different parts of Cebu and other cities in Cebu Province as a whole.

Distribution in the Barangays of Mandaue City

There were three barangays that became the recipients of the Safe-at-Home Packs in Mandaue City namely Paknaan, one of the most populous areas, Mantuyong, and Guizo. A consecutive distribution was done last June 4, 2021, in Barangay Mantuyong and Paknaan where students were asked to do an identity chart as the first activity found in the Safe-at-Home Activity book. The girls in Barangay Guizo received the packs last June 23, 2021. Sixty (60) girls from Mandaue City were happy to be the recipients of the Safe-at-Home Packs.

Distribution in the Mountain Barangays of Cebu City

We also reached the outskirts of Cebu City especially the areas of Barangay Taptap, Adlaon, and Cambinocot. These barangays may be remote from the central city but as far as education is concerned, these barangays are also the home of more than a hundred young girls who are affected by the pandemic. On June 8 and 9, 2021, we conducted a short Self-Awareness Session as requested by the SK Chairman of each barangay. The girls were appreciative of the Safe-at-Home Packs knowing how useful they are for them in their daily needs. A total of 114 packs were given to these girls.

Distribution in the Island Barangays of Cebu and Lapu-Lapu City

To add up with the distribution of the Safe-at-Home Packs, we have reached the island barangays of Caubian in Lapu-Lapu City and Esperanza in Cebu last June 11 and 25, respectively. The girls described themselves as cheerful, friendly, kind, and pretty during the Self-Awareness game which eventually started the short session on Self-Awareness. The distribution of both educational kits together with the Safe-at-Home Activity book and hygiene kits became an emotional event because the girls from the island barangays expressed that it was their first time to receive such packs. A total of 120 adolescent girls received the Safe-at-Home Packs.

Indeed, June was a fruitful month for us knowing that we became their inspiration to never give up on their dreams amid the pandemic. It is also our hope that these 294 girls will continue their journey towards self-growth and eventually, towards success.

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