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MAY Girl Champion: Jenny

Champions believe in themselves, even when no one else does.

This May's Girl Champion is Jenny Cathline Mala-ay, 13, a student and resident of Barangay Guizo, Mandaue City, Cebu. Jenny was very punctual in the entire Community Mentorship Sessions from March to April, 2022.

She actively participates in all tasks and activities provided by the Youth Mentor during their learning sessions. Indeed, she has shown a great interest in community mentorship.

During the entire session, she exhibits good behavior by listening to and actively participating in discussions, respecting other girls, and behaving well in each session. Jenny is friendly and helpful to her classmates, as she inspires other girls to perform better in the activities by lending a helping hand and being encouraging. Lastly, she is eager to learn, an active listener, and always look forward to the next sessions. We are very happy and proud of your commitment and performance, Jenny. Keep it up!

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