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Girls Got This Circle: Quarterly Meeting Focused on Survival Skills Training and Nature Appreciation

Perseverance. Patience. Focus. These are the three things the girls appreciated during their Girls Got This Quarterly Meeting last April 23, 2023 at the D’ Family Park, Talamban. For this year’s theme: GGT 2023: E.R.A. (Empowering Girls, Creating Resiliency, and Raising Awareness) GenZ under the Life Skills Plus Program with Consuelo Foundation Inc, the girls underwent Survival Training and Nature Appreciation.

Camp Red Bushcraft and Survival Guild facilitated the training of 43 adolescent girls, young women, and LGBTQ+ participants. The training focused on three major topics: the 4 elements needed for survival, importance of water, and proper communication.

4 Elements to Survive

Discussing the four elements necessary for survival, the girls enumerated the reasons why water, fire, shelter, and food are the top elements necessary to survive. With little or no access to modern technology, help, or machines, these four elements can help ensure one’s survival. The girls cited examples showing the importance of having access to these four elements. In case of being lost in the jungle, building a temporary shelter, finding a source of water, knowing how to build a fire, and identifying what plants, fruits, and animals one can eat are what people should focus all their energy on.

The Importance of Water in Survival

The girls also talked about the value of water and why it is necessary to have access to it to be able to survive. They specifically focused on the importance of finding direct and unobstructed access to clean, unlimited, and potable supply of water in order to survive in various types of situations. They also discussed ways on how to ensure that water is safe to consume no matter how it is collected and stored.

Proper Communication and Survival

The girls discussed the importance of communication for survival. They shared the correct ways to send and receive signals and messages during emergencies and why it is necessary to know how to communicate properly even without the availability of communication devices such as radios, GPS, and mobile phones. They also realized the importance of proper communication for a group to be able to live and co-exist harmoniously and peacefully in cases of major catastrophes and emergencies. As teamwork is also considered important for survival, learning to live with others is considered a useful life skill.

With the success of this lesson and the excitement of the young girls to participate and learn, Girls Got This Circle will meet in the next quarter for another activity on life skills training, this time with activities both indoor and outdoor.

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