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Over Friendship and Cookies: Fourth Community Mentorship session

The 4th community mentorship in Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City on 23rd May 2021 started with the topic of friendship. It was Coach John Rex who introduced the topic through his puppets which the participants found very interesting. Then, he asked them the definition of friends.

“Friends are people who help each other when they need each other,” Jaina answered confidently which Coach John Rex affirmed. “Friends are like your family members – you love them,” Andrea added as she spoke about her friend treated as a family member.

Coach John Rex was impressed because the participants could relate with the topic. He continued with different levels of friendship – acquaintance, casual, close friends, and intimate friends. The participants were quick to identify a variety of names of their classmates in schools and names in their neighbourhood who fit in the said levels.

After that, Coach John Rex reintroduced the puppets by role playing a variety of situations of good friendship and bad friendship. The participants had fun identifying each scenario while relating each of them in real life.

Coach John Rex assigned them to make a letter for their close friends. Finally, the session ended with designing cookies and giving them to their friends. It was indeed a session over friendship and cookies!


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