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A Family-oriented and God-fearing Football Player: Lia Perl Masibay

Grabbed from Lia Perl Masibay's ig (lia.perl)

Lia Perl Masibay is currently a midfielder for Port Vale Football Club. She now lives in London, England. She was born in in the Philippines but left for England at the age of 5. But despite the years living in London, she still can speak Tagalog and Bisaya. For her it is important not to forget about our roots. No matter what you experience in life, you're still a Filipino.

During the call, Lia showed the girls the trophies and medals that she won for playing football. She emphasized the role of her family in her success not only as a football player but as a person. She is very family-oriented and looks up to his parents and siblings as her role models. She considers her Tatay her number one supporter as he is the one who takes her to her football training and competitions when she was just starting to play the sport. She is also career-driven, she admits.

At the age of 22, she is already working. She is currently a physiotherapist in a private clinic in her town. She is also a very godly person and even shared Bible memory verses to the girls to inspire them. Her favorite verse is Philippiians 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." She said that God has played a huge role in her growing up and in reaching her goals. God is always guiding and helping her not only to win her competitions but also to win real-life problems.

Grabbed from Lia Perl Masibay's ig (lia.perl)

She also gave a tour of her house and the surrounding neighborhood for the girls to have a feel of England. She also showed the girls some football tricks that they can learn at home. She is also a good singer. She sang two songs which the girls loved. She is looking forward to doing another call/champion session with the girls.

Get to know more about Lia as we asked her some questions;

At what age did you start playing football?

I started playing football at the age of 8.

How did you become a football player and why did you choose this career?

My first encounter with football was in school. When I saw the ball at my foot, I was immediately amazed seeing it and I just kicked it. It’s fun playing with the ball. In our class, majority are boys. But that didn’t stop me from asking them if I could play football with them. So not just football. I always liked to participate in school activities. I was an active student back then.

I also chose football as a career since the sport is popular in England. There many famous players here and I got inspired. I also want to show that girls can also become good football players.

Do you have other careers in mind other than football that you want to pursue?

I am also a physiotherapist. I like it because I get to help sports players who get injured. When they get injury, I am part of their healing journey or their rehabilitation, I plan it for them so they can go back to playing their sport.

What do you think are the traits that a football player must possess to become a good midfielder?

She must have discipline not only in football but with life as a whole. You must also be health conscious because that’s your weapon when you want to win games. Also, you must be a team player. You must know how to communicate and adjust to other people. You also have to be hardworking. It’s really important because you can’t achieve what you want if you don’t work hard. You also have to be resilient or strong not just in football but in life.

What are the words that would best describe you?

I'm a positive person. I always look up to the brighter side of things. I want to share that vibe to everyone, and I don’t want to give them negative vibes. I am also a very disciplined person. I always try to stick to my plan to achieve something.There’s a saying that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Don’t be that kind of person.

What were the primary concerns or struggles you had to get through before you reached where you are today?

It was difficult for me to juggle studies and football. I have trainings and at the same time I had many things to do in school. And it’s mentally draining and sometimes you are not okay. But I tell you it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. My advice for girls like you who are also studying is to prioritize self-love. It’s the first thing yo have to achieve for yourself. Before school, at night, I make sure that I have my football kits ready for the day. I had to make sure that I was organized. I also realized that it’s not always about football. Your education is more important because football is going to be your recreational activity. If you do everything at the same time, you will fail.

For you, what is the best part about competing?

It’s a nice feeling to hear people cheering during competitions. Many people are watching in the stadium. You are also inspired because you have your family to support you as well. You also get to meet new people. You also feel a sense of belongingness because you are a member of a football team. It’s also a nice experience to play in stadiums in different weathers—rain, snow, summer. You get to experience the different conditions in playing. You feel alive. When you play football, you feel like yourself and living your best life. –

Who is your inspiration every time you play or compete?

My inspiration is my father because he is my cheerleader, but my whole family as well. Also, food is my inspiration. After the games, so much food is prepared for us. It’s very delicious and rewarding after a good and hard fight. But my most important inspiration is God. Before and after the game I pray to God. It’s important to thanks the Lord that I’m here, I’m well, and I was not injured during the game.

What are your hobbies and the things you do during your leisure time?

One of my favorite hobbies is dog-walking. I also love biking.

What is your greatest learning so far that you want to impart to young girls like us?

Don’t give up even if life is hard. Don’t give up on God. Also work hard to achieve your dreams.

What is your advice to girls who are just starting to play sports now?

My advice would be: first, about education. Education is your bridge for you to have a bright future. Because if you don’t finish your studies, you wont be able to achieve your dreams or have a good life. So education is very important.

Do you have a mantra before your games?

I can do this, just fight. Keep fighting. That’s my one and only mantra. Simplicity is beauty.

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