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Resiliency in Action mentorship session

“Girls Got This; Resiliency in Action (GGT: RIA)” is a direct response to the education and child protection crisis brought on by the onset of COVID-19 and its devastating impact on vulnerable girls from across Metro and Provincial Cebu. The main objective of the project is to provide direct social, emotional and psychosocial support for highly vulnerable girls through a mentorship programme that provides a safe space for reporting personal issues as well as any abuses they, friends or family members might be suffering from.

The session started by contacting the previous participants (door-to-door and through messenger/texting) but most of the girls declined because of their module deadlines and final exams due and/or held on the following day. Some others declined because they had prior engagements. Nonetheless, the session pushed through.

The activity started with Getting-to-know-you with the participants and with the Champion Mentor John Rex Acuin. Coach John Rex asked the participants about their name, age and grade. There were 10 participants with 3 boys and 7 girls (1 was 3 years old and 1 was a Special Child).

Coach John Rex started his presentation with different pictures and asked the participants to interpret each picture. The participants were very eager to share their ideas and thoughts about the photos. Coach John Rex went on with the session about the 5 things or values to remember about Teamwork. He thoroughly explained about Commitment, Lead, Unity, Supporting Each Other and Enjoy. The participants repeated these values, and some others wrote them on their activity sheet.

After, they were grouped together in which they were asked perform a cheer before the activity. The two groups were given 2 minutes to formulate a cheer then performed them. The activity continued with a game. Each group scored fairly while exhibiting the spirit of teamwork.

The activity closed with the participants’ evaluation and feedback about the activity and forming the “Teamwork” word.

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