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Programming Classes for the Girls under the GGTW Program Officially Starts

A partnership was forged between Marigondon National High School and Fundlife to implement the Girls Got This Works (GGTW) Program.

The GGTW focuses on capacitating the ten (10) girls with technical skills and knowledge about programming.

FundLife partnered and coordinated with Mentors Without Borders, an international organization composed of professional programmers from all over the world with the purpose of helping the students become more adept and skilled in programming.

GGTW Program aims to develop the overall attributes of the recipients through its holistic approach and experiential learning. As the girls develop vital skills and knowledge about programming, they will also acquire life skills that help them succeed.

The girls are also taught mental exercise and relaxation methods. These soft skills are essential for the girls to never give up and always look forward to their goals. Further, the 10-to-0 relaxation method can be used whenever they encounter various negative situations.

“I feel challenged by the idea of the word computer programming since I am new to it. I only have a small idea about it. It was also challenging that my mentor and I have different languages.” - Jannah

“I learned the different meanings of the IDE, JDK, and JRE. The importance of eclipse with the different IDE. We also tackled self-reflection.” - Ken

“It made me realize what I want to do in life, what my goals are, and the things I need to do in order to reach my goals.” - Cassandra

The duration of the training is 3 months with a 2-hr weekly session. Each student is given a mentor who will guide them through.

They are expected to finish by the end of December or early January. By that time, we are seeing future women programmers taking the lead in the digital world.

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