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Paola Grace shares her experience of starting modular learning at home

Paola Grace, 16, a Grade 11 student from Samar, shares with us her thoughts on how she is finding the new normal of learning whilst staying at home.

What can you say about the new normal of learning?

This new normal of learning (physically away from school) is not as good as face-to-face learning. Based on my observation, many students won’t be able to learn very well because they can easily look for the answers to their modules by looking on the internet.

How will you compare the present learning modality with that of the previous


Before, because classes were held face-to- face, we can easily ask our teachers about the

things that we don’t understand, and we get the answers firsthand from them. We learn

effectively because we can directly communicate with them as to our learning challenges.

But now that we are physically distanced from each other, and others don’t have access to

internet connection, it is harder to learn with no one around to guide you and provide you

answers to your questions.

Are there any challenges that you are facing right now with regard to your


Yes. Sometimes I find the modules difficult to answer because no one at home is really

that capable to guide me, especially with the instructions in the modules that I find hard

comprehend. My parents are also not home all the time because they also have work, so

sometimes I’m left alone to answer the modules. My cousins also have modules to answer

and we share the same sentiments. But there are times that our teachers would check on

us, and I’m happy about it because that’s the time I get to share with them my learning


Do you find it easy to reach out to your teachers?

Yes, I communicate with them through Facebook. We have constant communication, but because there are many students under the supervision of one teacher, I understand that our teachers can’t check on us regularly.

What worries you the most nowadays?

What worries me is that in the modular classes, we cannot be late in the submission of modules. The concern of the students is not whether they will learn or not, but rather, passing the modules on time. There are also students who skip their meals or who sleep late at night just to finish their modules. It worries me because instead of loving our activities, we tend to fear it; fear that we won’t be able to do all the assignments or activities.

If we were to ask you what support the students need right now, what would it be?

First, the students need fast internet connection. Some of us live in remote areas and we

have slow internet connection. We also need financial support to buy school supplies and

gadgets. And more than material things, we need emotional and moral support from our

teachers and families.

If there’s one positive thing the new mode of learning has brought to you, what is


Since I’m learning from home, I have more time to bond with my family compared to the

time when COVID-19 was not and in doing household chores.

What can you say to the girls like you who are also struggling with the present


All I can say is that we should be disciplined. All of us are suffering from this pandemic,

but it doesn’t mean that our dreams end here. We must sacrifice and put the utmost effort and dedication to our studies in order to achieve our dreams.

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