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My Changing Body: A Community Mentorship with Coach Patty

The adolescent stage is a period of rapid change - physical, emotional, cognitive and social. During this time, children’s bodies change in different ways at different times.

“Who was the first person you talked to when you had your first menstruation?” Coach Patty asked the girls when they were in the middle of the discussion about puberty and adolescence.

Every weekend, Girls Got This Works holds a community mentorship in Sambag 1, Cebu City for girls aged 12 to 17 years old. The 4th mentorship program, Coach Patty talked about changing body specifically on puberty and adolescence.

The girls were shy and curious about the lesson because they did not have the chance to talk about their body changes at home. During the session, they were glad that they had the chance to learn many new things like the parts of their reproductive organs, the different changes of their body as a girl, and what will happen during menstruation.

The session also served as a venue for girls who are still not menstruating to be fully aware of what they will do once they have their menarche. Coach Patty also shared her personal experience when she had her first menstruation inspiring the girls to also share their experiences.

From feeling confused to awkward before the session, the girls now gained more understanding and awareness about their changing body during puberty.

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