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Mental Health & Psychosocial Support Program caps with Expressive Arts Session

“A Tote in the Mind,” was the concept where 17 adolescent girls of Marigondon National High School expressed their feelings through painting their own tote bags during the culminating activity in the Mental Health & Psychosocial Support Session. “The Power of Expressive Arts in Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing,” was the theme of the culminating activity held on June 23, 2023. In context, visual art forms such as painting is one of the approaches under expressive arts that promotes healing, self-exploration, and personal growth which the facilitator considered during the entirety of the program.

Rona Caya, one of the girls who is part of the program, expressed her joy during the activity because it gave her a chance to gain knowledge and deepen her understanding on mental health and wellbeing. She also said that the sessions lightened her feelings and made her aware of different coping mechanisms whenever she had challenges in life.

Mariella Mae Golbin, another adolescent girl, said that she learned various strategies on improving her emotional resiliency. She appreciated the moment during the meditation and self-reflection process wherein she felt relaxed and calm.

Expressive arts is focused in the process of creating. While the adolescent girls create their painting, along with the creation, they are able to release their stress, worries, and are able to enhance their creativity. Activities and programs such as these are created to help develop these young girls’ ability to express themselves, take these learnings, and apply them in their daily lives for emotional growth.

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