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Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Activity Culminates in Cordova Public College

“Power of Expressive Arts in Improving Mental Health and Well-being” was the focus during the culminating activity of Girls Got This: Resiliency in Action - Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Session at Cordova Public College on May 6, 2023.

The 12-week session culminated with a session on Emotional Resilience. During the session, the girls were given different strategies to help them improve their resilience when dealing with adversities or stress that they might encounter in their daily lives. Among these exercises were the visualization process, self-reflection, horizon scanning, and circle of excellence. During the activity, the girls were encouraged to discuss and express various emotions and process thoroughly.

The activity proceeded with the “Tote of the Mind” activity. In this activity, the girls were given an empty tote bag and were instructed to paint the bags creatively and using their imagination. In doing so, they were able to express their thoughts, feelings, and whatever was on their minds. Furthermore, it provided them an opportunity to convey their views and ideas through creative design and art as an outlet.

“To be honest, I still cannot believe that it happened so fast. I can still vividly remember the moments together as if it was just yesterday and the anxiety I felt during the first meeting. If I were to compare the feeling I had before I joined the GGT-MHPSS and my feelings after, I experienced extreme nervousness before. A lot of doubts circulated my mind every day and I was out of confidence. However, during the journey of this program, I found comfort and true happiness. Now I know how to manage and conquer my fears. Same I feel with the other girls as well. Seeing their faces and bright smiles just proves that we made it and are able to cope with our problems.” – Shane, CPC Girl Participant.

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