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Menstruation During the Pandemic: Things Young Girls Need to Know

The effects of the new COVID-19 virus variants have been significantly devastating that the government initiated total lockdowns, closed borders, and stringent health and safety protocols. The pandemic is having far-reaching consequences for highly vulnerable people and communities. One of these impacts is on everyone who menstruates. Knowledge and access to essential hygiene products are important for the dignity and welfare of all people who menstruate.

The 5th Community Mentorship Program in Sambag 1, Cebu City was facilitated by Coach Lyra with the topic Different Ways to Stay Clean and Healthy during Menstruation. It was attended by 13 girls aged 12 to 17 years old from different sitios in the barangay. The session served as the continuation of the previous topic on Changing Body which basically explains puberty stage of the girls.

“What did you do when you had your first menstruation?” Coach Lyra asked the group.

They answer that what they did are mostly from the superstitious beliefs taught by their mothers. Coach Lyra corrected the beliefs and shared healthy ways to keep the girls clean during their period.

The girls were very eager to listen on the different ways to keep themselves clean and healthy during menstruation, such as; changing clothes and sanitary pads, taking a bath, and eating fruits and vegetables. Coach Lyra also reminded them to exercise regularly even when they have periods.

Coach Lyra explained that they need not be afraid of menstruation because it is normal specially when they enter the adolescent stage. Menstruation should not be considered a disease, disorder, or abnormality. It is a part of the human physiology.

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