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GirlsGotThis celebrates International Volunteer day

Volunteers are at the forefront of GirlsGotThis and Fundlife and we want to celebrate them! We wanted to share some of our past and present volunteers and their experience working with Fundlife and GirlsGotThis.

Meet Arsenal coaches Tin Tin and Jordan, who worked with our girls in Cebu, helping them train for a tournament.

Here is what the coaches had to say:

“I loved training the girls. A very funny memory I have is of the girls teaching me their TikTok dances after training all the time - they are very good!” - Coach Jordan

“I worked with the girls Thirsty Cup team which takes place in Cebu, and although the tournament didn’t go ahead in the end we had a lot of fun training and the girls were incredibly supportive of each other and it was great to see them learning about what it means to be a team!” - Coach Tin Tin

Meet Malte, a long term Fundlife and GirlsGotThis volunteer who worked with us in the Philippines and then once the pandemic hit, started working with us remotely from Germany!

“Working as a volunteer for FundLife in Tacloban City in the Philippines was an eye-opening and overall amazing experience for me. I got to know the different facets of work which has to be done in the office and in the field in order to run an NGO successfully. Most important to me was the direct interaction with children and coaches in the training sessions, tournaments and classroom activities in the various communities. It was great to see how the children learned football skills on the field and improved their technical abilities as well as their understanding for the game.

But the actual true achievements of the programs are that the kids learn social skills and have the opportunity to spend their free time with physical activities, with their friends and peers and learn while playing. Especially to see the girls playing in their own teams, competing in their own league and developing strong and independent characters made me very happy and I am proud that I have been a part of that process. The Girls Community League has been a great platform for the girls and hopefully it will be again after the pandemic. FundLife and its flagship programs “GirlsGotThis” and “Football For Life” do outstanding work in order to help children to be the best version of themselves.” - Malte

Aleasha, one of our GirlsGotThis volunteers has been with us since June this year and has been helping us with our marketing remotely all the way from London, UK.

“Working with GirlsGotThis has been such an eye opening experience, especially to see the impact the pandemic has had on girls facing adversity in the Philippines and how the girls are coping. It is so rewarding to be volunteering with an organisation that cares so much about young girls’ wellbeing, which I am personally passionate about. I have learnt so much already and can’t wait to see what’s to come!” - Aleasha

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