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GGT Computer Programming Training with Mentors without Borders successfully concluded

10 out of 10 Girls from Marigondon National High School successfully completed the 3-month Computer Programming Training with Mentors Without Borders. The program started last October 2021 with selected participants from our partner high school who showed interest in computer programming. The goal of this project is to provide adequate skills training and basics of computer programming for girls to pursue their passion or interests in the field, and to open more doors of opportunity for learning computing and IT in the future.

As part of its culminating activity, the staff of FundLife and Girls Got This organized a Recognition Activity held last February 2022. This was attended by 7 out of 10 youth participants, parents, and school officials who were proud to witness the achievements brought by these young people.

Mentors Without Borders is a group of passionate professionals who teach young people from all over the world different skills such as setting goals, taking steps to further their goals, and specific technical skills of interest. Just like Girls Got This, Mentors Without Borders believes in the power of passion in pursuing one’s dreams.

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