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FundLife Organizes Courtesy Meeting with Partner Barangay Pasil

In an effort to deepen the impact of the Community Mentorship Program, FundLife has been engaging further with partner communities and schools with the overall goal of equipping participants with various technical and soft skills to prepare them for the world of work, while also ensuring that their school, community, and youth mentors are capacitated in addressing their issues and concerns.

As one of FundLife Cebu’s partner communities, we requested to join the monthly council meeting of Barangay Pasil. Present during the meeting were members of the Barangay Pasil Council, the GAD Focal representative, and the Senior Project Coordinator and Child Safety Officer of FundLife Inc.

Towards the end of the monthly council meeting, the council members allowed FundLife Cebu a chance to discuss the Three-Pathway Program; a Hospitality and Operations Management, Entrepreneurship, and Digital program for men and women aged 14-24. The talk began with the Senior Project Coordinator talking about the history of FundLife and its various collaborations over the years. She then proceeded to talk about the three-pathway program, discussing its scope, benefits, duration, reach, and impacts; which include the youth’s ability to choose which track they’d prefer after the initial orientation–being guided through training and mentorship for skills in their particular chosen program.

After the short talk, the members of the council were able to share their feedback and comments about the project. One of the council members raised the topic about the importance of finding deserving participants for the project to be successful while another emphasized the importance of a long-term partnership in order to reach and assist more deserving young women from Barangay Pasil. Representatives from Barangay Pasil emphasized their gratitude for the meeting which allowed them to fully understand FundLife’s initiatives in their community.

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