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Fundlife hosts women empowerment session for GirlsGotThis participants during lockdown

For the first time since Tacloban City had been under Enhance Community Quarantine in March 2020 some of the GirlsGotThis participants were able to attend a short empowerment workshop session run by coach Marian Chrisly (known as "Yman") and Kim from FundLife.

Both of them arranged a refresher indoor session on girls and women empowerment for girls who had no choice but to stay in their homes for more than 5 months filled with uncertainty about their education and not being able to play futsal.

The workshop was centered on how girls can help empower themselves and be able to withstand the stress and challenges they will go through because of the pandemic. They were also able to watch the story of Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani advocate on equal education. The girls felt inspired and proud about Malala's story and hope that they too continue to have the courage to speak for their rights and to positively influence other young girls who play futsal.

"If you want to become more empowered you should start building yourself up because support will always be there but the will and the drive to improve your skills and become a better person should come from within,"

Coach Yman

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