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FundLife Hosts Capacity Building for Community Partners across Metro Cebu

On September 24, 2022, twenty-eight (28) participants from across Metro Cebu attended the Capacity Building for Community Partners on Areas of Child Protection. Participants were Barangay Councilors, Gender and Development (GAD) Staff, Barangay Public Safety Officers (BPSO), Violence Against Women (VAW) Focal, and parents.

The whole-day activity covered topics centered on child protection including Updates on the Anti-Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children (OSAEC) Law and Anti-Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Materials (CSAEM) Law, Gender-based Violence and Safe Spaces Act, Positive Discipline Practices at Home and in School, Digital Safety for Children, and Mental Health for Young People. The session culminated with the development and presentation of Action Plans specifically for children’s welfare.

The community partners found the topics during the activity interesting, relevant, and timely as the information was useful to strengthen their advocacy for the youth. The knowledge they gained could be applied in their daily life not only at work but also at home. Additionally, the topics helped make them become better informed about their roles, duties, and responsibilities in ensuring the safety and protection of children in their respective communities. They learned the importance of giving children quality time by allowing them to play and express their own beliefs and ideas. Through the topics, the participants understood the value of giving children the chance to think on their own and the freedom to verbalize their thoughts, opinions, desires, and aspirations.

The activity was also an eye-opener for most of the participants as it presented the stark difference in the lifestyles, preferences, and priorities between the two generations. Many participants found the topic of discussing popular Internet terms now used by today's generation, for example, very interesting and enlightening.

All aspects of the training are excellent. Each session was thoroughly and comprehensively discussed,” one of the community partners said. "I hope FundLife continues to hold similar projects in the future,' one added.

The Capacity Building for Community Partners aims to enhance participants' knowledge and skills in areas of child protection, help partners elevate program quality, raise awareness on child protection topics, and acquire results and feedback from the Life Skills Plus Program – Community Mentorship. Capacity building for School and Community Partners is one of the activities conceptualized and implemented under the partnership of Consuelo Zobel-Alger Foundation, Women Win (FREE FUND), and FundLife Int. Inc.

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