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FundLife holds awarding ceremony for GCL; Step Up for Gender Equity

The Girls Community League season 2023; Step Up for Gender Equity culminated on July 15, 2023 at Libertad Plaza Gym.

The awarding ceremony marked the end of the weekend sessions with the young female athletes. It featured 6 teams in the 13 years old and under category (U13), 8 teams in 17 years old and under (U17), and 3 teams in women’s open category. The league proved to be a memorable one this year with each team responding to the league’s slogan ‘Step up for Gender Equity’.

This season, three young girl futsal teams emerged as champions in three categories.

The San Isidro girl's futsal team emerged victorious in the U13 category with impressive offense and defense. The Liger team, as the first runner-up, played exceptionally well; while Greendale B showed remarkable resilience and teamwork to finish as the 2nd runner-up. The league recognized individual players who consistently displayed exceptional skill and attitude, and awarded them accordingly. Shalani Edelweiss was named the Most Valuable Player, while Rhoda Eunice Daban and Princess Viejo were recognized as the top forwards. Quennie Algo and Avegail Rama were praised as the best defenders, and Kimberly Ventura was acknowledged as the best goalkeeper.

Another team from the San Isidro team triumphed in the U17 division, showcasing impressive teamwork, strategy, and gameplay. The Blue Mindkill Crusaders were recognized for their exceptional abilities and awarded first place, while SNHS B secured second place due to their remarkable talents and teamwork. The coveted title of MVP was bestowed upon Janel Sellave, with Arzel Suicida and Hazel Sanillo earning the distinction of best forwards. Meanwhile, Jonah Mae Cinco and Kheisha Thea Paldez were named the best defenders, and Elaiza Modesto was hailed as the best goalkeeper.

The women's open category championship was won by Calbiga FC, who scored high points in every match. San Jose's team finished second with impressive sportsmanship and performance. The Mythical 5 awards were given to individuals who displayed exceptional skills and performance, with Rochelle Ann Acaban receiving the MVP award. The top forwards were Rochelle Ann Acaban and Aive Cabrigas, while Baby Jane Mameloto and Mary Joy Dela Rosa were recognized as the best defenders. Rona Basada was named the best goalkeeper.

During the award ceremony, GCL took the opportunity to recognize and celebrate teams that truly embodied the organization's core values. The atmosphere was electric as the winners were announced, with cheers and applause all around.

The Fair Play Champions award was bestowed upon SNHS B, Lucio A, and San Jose, who demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship on and off the field. Meanwhile, ABNHS, Lucion B, and San Jose were commended for their positive attitudes and awarded the coveted "Keeping it Positive" honor.

Team Scan, San Isidro, and San Jose were also lauded for their unwavering determination and tireless effort, earning them the prestigious "In it to Win It" award. SNHS C, Greendale A, and San Jose were acknowledged with the "First on the Pitch" award for their punctuality and reliability in all GCL activities and games.

Despite the presence of winning and losing teams, everyone was recognized as a winner in their own right. The event was filled with smiling faces and joyful laughter, creating a truly remarkable atmosphere and a memorable occasion for all.

The third season of the Girls Community League proved to be a remarkable showcase of exceptional athletic abilities, unwavering dedication, and sheer passion for the sport demonstrated by female athletes. It is of paramount importance to encourage young girls and demonstrate to them that they have an array of options beyond conventional sports like basketball, and that gender should never be a reason for discrimination. We must strive to achieve parity in treatment as we are all entitled to the same opportunities and rights.

Our heartiest congratulations go out to all the participants, supportive parents, and teachers who contributed to the resounding success of the league. Our goal is that the continuation of events like these will serve as an inspiration to young female athletes, urging them to pursue their passion for Futsal and other sports with unwavering determination and enthusiasm.

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