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FundLife GGT Girls attend Global Peace Volunteers Camp 2022

Global Peace Volunteers Camp (GPVC) is a leadership camp that aims to create a learning environment for young people to develop and practice their skills to explore, discuss and engage in leadership and personal growth.

The invitation from Global Peace Volunteers Camp was immediately responded to, although virtual, by two adolescent girls from the Girls Got This Program. Maria Alayka Lorenzo and Mary Claire Lumales participated in the GPV Camp held last July 7 and 8, 2022.

The GPVC serves as a platform to discover their strength, passion, and purpose which synergizes their life-long journey. The two-day virtual camp covers topics on Self Discovery, Child Protection, Building Relationships, Introduction to SOGIE, and Young Filipino Heroes Making a Difference in their Communities.

There were ice breaker activities, group dynamics, a recap of each session discussed, and workshop and breakout rooms in-between sessions. In addition, the girls were asked to recap the session based on their own understanding, share their takeaways, and reflect on the impact of the session on their lives. Before the virtual camp ended on the 2nd day, the girls took part in the Q&A portion where prizes were given away.

Both girls expressed gratitude to be part of the event. They shared that they had fun during the event, especially during the breakout sessions where they had the chance to interact with other youth participants. When asked about what they learned, they both said that they became more aware of their identity, gained confidence and insights on leadership, and ultimately, widened their understanding of inner peace, dismissing the culture of violence, promoting life, and expanding their perspective and lifestyle where there is intercultural respect, reconciliation, and solidarity among communities and even to their peers.

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