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Exciting Introduction: Life Skills and 3 Pathway Program Orientation

Though it was a rainy Saturday afternoon, FundLife staff (project staff and documentation officer) arrived at the venue safely where student participants were already there and settled. While waiting for the other participants, present students were asked to sign the attendance form and chit-chat about their studies, what made them busy, and their schedules.

The orientation officially started at 1:30 p.m. with a group of female participants. The program commenced with preliminary activities (e.g., prayer, national anthem, and GTKY), and the introduction of FundLife Staff, and who FundLife is, and what the Life Skills Plus Program is; not only to inform the girls but to excite them on what they’re about to learn about and participate in.

For the participants to clearly understand our Life Skills Plus_3-Pathway Program, we had a thorough discussion on the overview, objectives, and 3-pathways (Hospitality and Operations Management, Social Entrepreneurship, and Digital Skills) for them to have a strong reference on what pathway they are going to choose. Included in the discussion was the following:

  • Target topics in each pathway

  • Target reach for Hospitality and Operations Management, Social Entrepreneurship, and Digital Skills.

  • The 2 phases of Hospitality and Operations Management, 6 phases of Social Entrepreneurship, and Digital Skills.

  • Duration of implementation of each pathway

  • Qualifications to join the program, and questions during the discussion coming from the participants were addressed, too.

After the orientation, the girls were given enough time to come up with which pathway they prefer. Out of the group, the majority chose the Digital Skills pathway because of its relation to computer skills, while the remaining group members were split between the Employability pathway and Social Entrepreneurship pathway because of business opportunities and in-demand jobs respectively.

Not only did the event end with the participants’ interest in the program, but they also explicitly stated their excitement due to the understanding of the program through the orientation as well as their willingness to join the 2-hour weekly sessions.

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