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Everything You Do, Comes Back to You: Getting to Know the Owner of CHARMA

Everything is energy, including your thoughts and emotions, in essence, everything you do creates corresponding energy that comes back to you in some form.

Charmaine Palermo, the owner of Chàrmà, shared her wonderful life story with the young girls in Tacloban through an online Champion Session.

Charmaine is a professional celebrity stylist, fashion editor, publicist, and CEO of Chàrmà- an activewear brand for women. She was born and raised in Bacolod City and she graduated with a degree in Marketing.

The inception of Chàrmà is a bittersweet and fulfilling journey, according to Charmaine. She was not born with a golden spoon so she had to double the hard work. She dreamt of becoming a lawyer and being on the frontline of protecting the cause of the defenseless and the oppressed.

As Charmaine was working for the realization of her dreams, she joined some beauty pageants in Bacolod as a side hustle. She was 16 at that time. She bagged the 1st Runner Up position and what a fortunate occurrence it was that a modeling agent was present during the pageant which offered her a modeling opportunity.

With nothing but only her dreams and aspirations, she explored Manila to pursue her modeling career. Although there were some reservations from her family regarding her endeavor, Charmaine did everything to prove to them that she could be trusted and that she was serious about achieving her full potential.

“We make plans but sometimes it doesn’t go the way we planned them out to be but it's fine. Trust yourself. If things are not going your way, believe that you can still be successful. What is meant for you will be yours. We all have different timelines.”

And what happened next, after a lot of failures and disappointments, she established Chàrmà. The company is grounded on the principles of fitness, function, fashion, and free soul.

All the success and achievements in her life, she owes to those who believed and supported her- family, friends, and above all, her God.

When asked about how she manages all the different aspects of her life;

“You can only live a well-balanced life when you give importance to what matters – your health, relationship with your family and the people you work with, and your purpose.”

Christine, the younger sister of Charmain, also shared her story and gave some useful life advice to the girls. She told them to give importance to financial management and savings especially to those who want to embark on entrepreneurship.

“Find your passion and always strive to become a better person. Be consistent and trust God.”

Women are powerful agents of change, and the far-reaching benefits of diversity and gender parity in leadership and decision-making are increasingly recognized in all domains. Still, women today continue to be vastly under-represented in decision-making in politics, businesses, education, and communities.

Through the Online Championship sessions, girls under the Mentorship Program of GGT and FL get the chance to learn from strong and influential mentors paving the way to achieving their full potential.

“You inspire us to do better in everything we do and also to learn to appreciate the things that we have now and that whatever we do in this lifetime will have an impact on our future, just as the saying goes “what goes around, comes around.” - shared Meyanie, FL player and beneficiary.

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