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Eunice shares her experience on the new normal of learning

Eunice, an aspiring Certified Public Accountant, shares her thoughts about the new normal of learning and its positive effect on her studies and personal growth.

What can you say about the new normal of learning?

My thoughts about the new normal of education are that it's hard adjusting to it. It's quite challenging, primarily because I rely mainly on the internet to answer my modules and attend online classes. There are times that the internet signal is intermittent. That's why I get disconnected during online classes, and it's hard to connect again to the online class.

How will you compare the present learning modality with that of the previous years?

If I were to compare the now and before learning modalities, I would say that face-to-face learning is much better than online learning. As a student, I am confident that I'm learning new things when it's face-to-face. Compared to online learning, the things I know are limited. I do not understand the lesson during online classes because of many distractions, like slow internet connection and noisy classmates.

Are there any challenges that you are facing right now concerning your modules or online learning?

My primary concern right now is the internet connection. As I've said, there are times that the internet is unstable or slow. Luckily, we have a wifi connection at home, so I depend mostly on it for my online classes. That's why it's difficult when you want to learn, but you get disconnected from the class all of a sudden.

What do you do to overcome or face these challenges?

When I'm disconnected from the online class, I just tell my teacher that I can't attend the remaining hours of the class because I have trouble with the internet. But I see to it that even if I couldn't participate in the remaining hours, I watch my teacher's pre-recorded lessons that I couldn't join when the internet connection is fast.

Do you find it easy to reach out to your teachers?

In all fairness, I find it easy to connect or communicate with my teachers. They are also understanding to us when it comes to deadlines for submission of our modules and assignments. They tell us not to get shy and just reach out to them if there are things that we couldn't understand in the lessons. Like us, they also have trouble connecting internet, so we are basically on the same boat.

What do you want to be, and did the pandemic affect your plans in achieving your dreams?

I want to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a businesswoman. So far, the pandemic has not affected my plans to achieve my dream to become a CPA. My only concern is if this pandemic will not end soon, I fear that my goals in life will be affected by then.

What worries you the most nowadays?

The pandemic worries me much nowadays. And as a Senior High school student, I also fear that I might not be able to pass this year because there are subjects that I'm not good at. I'm still adjusting to the new normal.

If we were to ask you what support the students need right now, what would it be?

For me, the students need financial support in buying load to connect to the internet through their phones or in accessing the internet in internet cafes. This is what we need now, especially when there are online classes and when we try to search for the concepts in our modules that are hard to comprehend.

If there is one positive thing the new learning mode has brought to you, what is it?

I became more responsible in answering my assignments and modules. If before I was lazy to finish all of them, now I can already manage my time to get them done. I am learning to prioritize things, like which are urgent and essential for my studies.

For you, how can you use this pandemic as an opportunity for personal growth?

Because of the enforced quarantine, I am always at home to take care of my nephews and nieces. I am now more responsible for household chores, and because of that, my uncles and aunts are happy about it, so they give me money as a token of appreciation. What I do with the money is I use it to fund my small camote cue and banana cue business, which leads me to become more innovative and resourceful.

Would you support a return to school and why?

Yes, I will support it. I am confident that the quality of learning that I get from face-to-face classes is good. And also, I miss my classmates and school friends. I do hope that the pandemic will be gone soon.

What are your words of encouragement for other girls like you facing the same situation as you?

Don't give up on your dreams, whatever happens. I know the pandemic is just a challenge for us girls. We'll face this together. Be steadfast in your faith and be strong in prayer.

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