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FFLA Cebu players makes it to first ever Talisay Cup

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Twenty-seven (27) determined girls and twelve (12) boys under the FundLife Leadership Academy participated in their first-ever Talisay Cup last October 19, 2019.

The typically quiet grounds of Sisters of Mary girls town became lively and festive because of the cheers and shout for the boys and girls who participated in the tournament and among them players part of up the FFLA: Girls Advancement and Protection (GAP) programme. Eight (8) of the girls participated in U15 and Nine (9) girls took chances in the U17 category. 10 of the best players entered Women’s Open while there were twelve (12) boys who participated in the U12 mix.

Although the teams were determined and showcased their newly learned skills, they were not able to snatch the championships. But, just like the team chant of the girls from SMS which says, “Don’t start the game if you are not ready to accept the pain,” they showed how courageous and happy they are despite not winning. They saw the need to train more and to develop their confidence inside the pitch but nevertheless, they again gain experiences where they can learn from to become champions in future tournaments most importantly in their lives.

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