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Community Mentorship in Sambag 1 with Coach John Paul

The second session of the Community Mentorship in Sambag 1 was conducted on June 20, 2021. It was yet again another interesting topic about “Peer Pressure” which was facilitated by Coach John Paul. The activity started with an exercise and was followed by a “Mind Teaser Q&A”. The girls enjoyed the starter activity before they proceeded with the session.

Coach John Paul presented a topic about Life and Decision-making. The girls were made to understand that in each decision they will make, they need guidance from their parents or guardians, but most importantly, they must learn how to weigh things out. A list of different scenarios was given by Coach John Paul, while the girls were asked about what they would do if they were in those certain situations. A sample situation was all about being influenced by their friends to cut classes instead of going to school.

That she would not befriend them anymore, but some others said that it would depend on their friends. There were varied answers coming from the participants, but then Coach John Paul was able to guide them to always be a good influence with their friends. Instead of cutting classes, be that agent of change and invite them to attend classes.

At the end of the session, Coach John Paul shared with the girls about things to think about before making decisions. He explained the considerations the girls needed to think and do before making choices and being influenced by their friends. Finally, the girls were looking forward to participating in another Community Session.

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