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Champions session with Regine Guevara and Nidal Benali

We were delighted to have UN Adviser of Asian Youth Council and GirlsGotThis Ambassador Regine Guevara host an online Champion Session with selected young girls on 13th February.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. You have to be confident with yourself and have the determination to reach your goals,” said Regine during the session. Regine was joined by Nidal Benali, the Secretary-General of AJD Football Team, Morocco during the session.

when one of the girls asked him to define what a strong woman is, Nidal replied “all women are strong". Nidal emphasised that every woman has a special way of showing their strength.

Nidal also encouraged the girls to continue their commitment to participating in activities that will develop their self-confidence and esteem. When one of the girls asked both Regine and Nidal about how they keep negativity out of their life both amusedly answered about how it is important to avoid negative people and things as much as possible and instead learn to focus on positive things. “if you have a lot of positivity in you, you will eventually attract positive people,” Regine advised the girls.

As the conversation went on, the girls became curious as to how both can cope with their struggles and challenges in work especially during the pandemic.

“I have my me time; I spend my time growing plants, keep myself in the company of friends especially now that we are in the pandemic,” Regine happily shared. “If you are doing something that you love you won’t get tired. Follow your dreams and follow what you love, that way things will be easier for you,” Nidal advised the girls.

Regine and Nidal also encouraged the youth mentors to continue their work in providing an accessible space for the young girls. They both emphasise that as leaders, mentors need to continue learning new skills. “If you love something you will give your time, this is the same with you girls and youth mentors. Continuously work on your appreciation towards the blessing you receive and what you are passionate about,” said Regine. Nidal also gave strong advice for girls pointing out the opportunity given to them to develop and improve themselves. “For you girls, always learn from your mentors. Manage your time and set your priorities in life. Do your best always for your family and yourself” Nidal continued.

The online champions sessions were the first activity initiated for the girls under the GirlsGotThis programme.

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