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Champions Session with Quinley Quezada

On November 15th 2020 , Quinley Quezada, a football player from the Philippines Womens National Football Team, was able to virtually meet some of the girls under the GirlsGotThis initiative of FundLife.

As an idol of most young girl football players, Quinley had a fun time sharing her story with the girls. She told them her experience when she was still young and already playing football and how she overcame all the struggles and challenges she faced those times.

Quinley and the participants during the virtual session

When one of the girls asked how Quinley was able to play together with her team even though she was just a new member, she emphasized how building a strong relationship with teammates is very important.

She also advised the girls whose parents discouraged them to play football. She told them to reach out to their families and be honest in expressing their feelings about how football helps them. The discussion touched on how the girls can cope better with the pandemic.

“Read books, listen to music or if you are stuck at home you can do a home workout that is as simple as standing and doing some jumping jacks, sending endorphins to your brain makes you happy. Just small things that don't have to be big. It is important in finding other things that you love to do other than football especially during this pandemic, this can help your mental side as well.” said Quinley

The discussion ended with an exchange of realization both by Quinley and the girls.

“Hearing all the struggles that you went through. Seeing how passionate you are about playing football or having the dreams that you have. Most of you guys wanted to be police officers. That is inspiring for me because I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up in the states and have a family that supports me but hearing your guy’s stories, hearing how sometimes you don’t have that same support, and still seeing you guys today overcoming your struggles is very much inspiring for me. I hope you guys continue doing the things that you love and still push towards your dreams because no matter where you are in life you can inspire people whether it’s me, whether it’s your siblings, or someone in your life, your story will inspire them. Just keep believing in yourself because you are strong and can do anything that your mind is set to." Quinley encouraged the girls.

“Thank you for sharing your journey. I realized that even if I will not be able to a pursue becoming a professional player I know that I will be happy if I can be a licensed doctor and that is your advice that I can do anything,” said Yman, one of our young aspiring coaches of FundLife

“First, thank you for inspiring us through the story of your life. I realized that even if there are struggles and challenges in life there are solutions for those,” said Mary Joy, one of our young football player.

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