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Champions session with Gabbi Carballo

“I promise to work hard and to make my dream a reality.” This was the promise made by the girls who attended the 5th online champion session held on March 27, 2021, with GirlsGotThis ambassador Gabbi Carballo as our special guest. As the girls call her, Ate Gab comes from Mandaue City, Cebu, and was crowned as Miss Mandaue in 2018.

It was the girls’ first time attending a champion session, so they were all curious about how the session is done and excited to meet Gabbi. The session started with short introductions of the girls and some fun facts about themselves. Gabbi also introduced herself and shared her inspiring story with the girls. But before that, she asked the girls to describe themselves using the letters of their names. The girls and Gabbi enjoyed and laughed while sharing their descriptions. Some of the girls were very energetic during the activity and even asked random questions to Gabbi like her favourite sports, her hobbies, and her secret to winning Miss Mandaue 2018.

During the session, Gabbi also asked the girls what their dreams are in life, why they want it and how much they want it. Some girls shared that they want to be a police officer; someone wants to become a doctor of medicine, while others strive to become teachers. Gabbi shared five essential tips in achieving a dream: trust your gut feeling, try new things, find teammates, make goals with steps, and dreams have no limits. She also emphasized the role of parents in achieving a dream.

“Not everyone is lucky to have parents that support them. And I’m happy that my parents were there when I needed their support. That’s what your parents will also do as you share with them your dreams,” Gabbi said. Gabbi shared more inspiring thoughts as the session progressed. She also said that they were also times when she stumbled along the way. But she realised that every path a person takes would be difficult; you just have to keep on telling yourself to move forward and do it.

“Remember why you are fighting so hard. If you really want something, you really have to go through anything. No journey is ever easy.” The girls admired how Gabbi overcame every situation to become what she wanted to be. By becoming Miss Mandaue in 2018, she had more platforms to voice her advocacy: proper waste disposal. The girls were very encouraged with her story. Not only did she inspire the girls, but she also made them laugh and they enjoyed the session with her fun activities.

And her advice to the girls? “Always find people who really believe in your dream and you. If you have a dream, think about what you will do to get to it. Always think about it in steps. Yes, it’s true that sometimes, things don't always go to plan, but remember to follow your path and always do things for the right reasons.”

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